WordPress Gallery Objects is a highly customizable Gallery Plugin for your WordPress site.  This plugin was designed to incorporate jQuery flash-like gallery scripts developed by multiple different developers with varying styles and configurations.

Don’t limit yourself to one gallery style, and don’t lock yourself to flash.  Switch between views/styles with a few clicks without having to rebuild your album or losing your old album.

The first version of this plugin incorporates the awesome AD Gallery script developed by Anders Ekdahl over at CoffeeScripter.com

To the right is a screenshot of the current settings configurations available for the AD Gallery view.

Get real-time feedback on what your settings changes are doing with the “Preview Settings” link and click “SAVE SETTINGS” when you’re happy with them.

Settings currently include

  • Container Height & Width
  • Transition Effects
  • Transition Time & Speed
  • Background Color
  • Thumbnail Location (or None)
  • Thumbnail Height
  • Description/Title Alignment
  • Clickable HREF Links for Images
  • Auto or Manual Slideshow


WordPress Gallery Objects Settings Preview